Ways to transfer cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet

How to transfer cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet is a perennial and topical question even for experienced cryptocurrency dealers working with different coins, and there are two options for its solution:

Manual transfer method;
Crypto transfer using a unique link – diplink.
I will talk about both options.

Transferring crypto from wallet to wallet manually

And so, there are many different over-the-counter or, as it is commonly expressed in the cryptocurrency environment, non-castdeval wallets – Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Atomic Wallet, etc.). Every user can have one of these wallets, and if one user will want to get money into his wallet from another user, he will have to copy his address and send it to this other person, stating which currency he wants to get from him, and the sender at the same time will enter into his wallet, find this coin in lists (not sure that it will have this name), then insert the address into recipient’s field and finally send cryptocurrency to his account. As I already said, some cryptocurrencies may have different names in different wallets, for example if you want to send USDT to TRON network, but Coinomi wallet doesn’t support this token, and money may go not there. And not all wallets accept all currencies, so it’s not always clear which wallet you can send this or that currency to, so be careful.

The nuances of where, how, and what to copy and where to paste depends on which wallet you use.

Transferring cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet through a unique link-diplink

You can transfer and receive cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet via a universal link, which I personally create through a special service “Punkto” – it is free.

How “Punkto” link works: you specify once addresses of your wallet (or wallets) and once specify those coins, which you are accepting to your accounts, then on your individual page for each wallet necessary diplinks are generated (direct links), and by pressing one of the selected links, any sender will easily transfer you the same bitcoin or other currency. For the most suspicious, there is also a standard link on the page for a currency account, which you can simply copy and manually translate according to the scheme above.

This single universal link, which leads to individual page with addresses, you can send to any person who needs to transfer cryptocurrency to one of your accounts.

On the universal link page you can add currency addresses from the following wallets: Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Atomic Wallet, Coinomi, Wallet.

Now I will tell you how I created this link.

How to create a universal link to transfer cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet

  1. Go to the service website and click “Create My Punkto” button.
  2. Under “My wallet addresses” we see the address lines, where we will insert the address of one or another cryptocurrency account.

We have to copy the address of each currency account from our wallet, which we use, and paste it in the corresponding line (if we don’t use any currency, we just don’t fill these specific lines).

Example of copying a link to a currency account from a “Trust Wallet”
For demonstration purposes I filled in all address lines.

  1. Under “Send Payment Me” I specify which cryptocurrency I accept (do not be surprised, because you can transfer a different currency to the same address, so you need to specify): I click on the square with a cross, and the system offers me to specify the currency, I click on the dropdown window with arrows and choose the desired currency, then click “Ok”.

After all the necessary settings are completed, I click on “Create” in the upper right corner.

  1. In the address bar I insert my email address, and then click “Accept”.

Unique link to transfer cryptocurrency from one purse to another
Now we have a universal link, which we can send to someone who wants to donate us some cryptocurrency. This is what it looks like: https://punkto.me/wMvkIW6. Like I said, you can try it by donating me some, for example.

  1. In the meantime, I will get a link on my mail, through which I will be able to edit my page with wallets – to remove irrelevant information or add relevant one.

We have created a universal link, and now let’s see what a person who wants to transfer currency to you will see when he clicks on it.

How to transfer cryptocurrency from purse to purse through “Punkto”

  1. The user, following your universal link, under “My wallet addresses” will see a page with the logos of the currency you accept.

He just clicks on the icon of the currency he wants to transfer to you.

  1. 2. Clicking on the button he will see your link to a particular currency, which he can copy and manually translate it, as well as a list of wallets that can be used to make the transfer automatically, choosing the one he uses himself.
  2. After the sender clicks on the wallet button, he will go to his wallet and make a transfer by specifying the required amount of currency.

Seems to me this method is more convenient than copying and pasting something manually every time.


So, there are two ways to transfer crypto from wallet to wallet:

Through diplink-link.
The essence of the manual method is that you copy your link to a specific currency account in your wallet and give it to the sender, and he in his wallet sends currency to you via that link, and can make a mistake.

Through the link-diplink transfer is done automatically. I make such link with help of “Punkto” service. You can copy standard link for manual transfer of crypto at page of universal link for especially suspicious people (in any case, it is convenient because all links are in one place). The service is free, which is nice.